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  • Demanovka Dark: Natural Selection
    The campaign Natural Selection dramatizes the basic rule of wild party animals - selection of their pack, club, and drink. In the documentary style, we present the significant similarities between the nocturnal wildlife and the typology of people enjoying the night out in the urban jungle. We dramatize the connection between these two worlds using […]
  • Wolf Moon Bourbon: Made for the Good Life
    When life gets crazy, having the right people to share it all with can turn a night of mayhem into a lasting memory. Country rockers Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line conceived of their bourbon Wolf Moon as the ideal sipping whiskey to toast to just those kinds of “good-life moments”—the moments both intimate and […]
  • Madres y Familiares de Uruguayos Detenidos Desaparecidos: Alive in our memory
    During the years 1973 and 1985 there was a civic-military dictatorship in Uruguay. Among its consequences, it left 197 detained citizens missing. Since 1995, every May 20, the March of Silence has been organized, a massive mobilization demanding truth and justice. This year, due to the health measures taken by Covid-19, this mobilization was prohibited. […]
  • Stand By Your Mail: A Postal Service Creed for 2020
    Stand By Your Mail, a grassroots initiative to help save the U.S. Post Office (USPS), and Ogilvy have launched a new video to recognize the critical importance of the USPS during a time when politicians are attempting to privatize it. The powerful piece takes inspiration from the iconic Post Office Creed ("Neither snow nor rain […]
  • Uber Eats / Burger King: The Referendum Whopper
    This Sunday, Chile will be involved in a historic process, a referendum to decide if the country changes or not its constitution, written during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet back in the 80s. Considering the fact this political process will move a critical mass of people during the pandemic, the government has tightened the measures […]
  • GAP: Dream the Future
    This holiday, Gap introduces the DREAM THE FUTURE campaign, underscoring the brand's platform of modern American optimism celebrated through togetherness. Following the brand's Fall BE THE FUTURE and STAND UNITED campaigns, grounded in unity and amplifying voices for a better tomorrow, Gap invites everyone to dream towards a brighter future together, connected in joy, peace, […]
  • El Miracle: Make it happen
    Bodegas Vicente Gandía is turning 135 years old, so to celebrate, it is offering a new range of one of its most prestigious wines: El Miracle (The Miracle). El Miracle (“miracle” in Valencian) is an allegory of every daily “miracle”, dedicated to those rare or extraordinary events. Under this premise, we created the concept “Make […]
  • BMW: Let's be riders
    In the midst of the crisis, we show that BMW motorcycles are the perfect method to move around this new world. 1_251.jpg   2_201.jpg   3_160.jpg  
  • TMB: Stairs, Table
    Leo Burnett Group Thailand and TMB will make you overcome the insurance complexity with a FREE Personal Accident insurance without any application required. Most people hesitate to apply for Personal Accident insurance because they perceive that the process is quite complicated, and the fixed fee is burden so they feel discouraged to apply for. Leo […]
  • LG: Wear Love More


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