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  • Argos: #DrumFromHome
    Argos challenged the nation to learn to #DrumFromHome. Video of Drum From Home - Argos Advert - Gonna Get Through This
  • Department for Education: Lockdown Lessons
  • FairPrice: A Fresh Start
    As the #circuitbreaker period comes to an end, let's carry that same spirit forward. Here’s to a fresh start! Part of Collection COVID-19 Ads479 Ads in this collection.View Collection
  • L'Oreal: You're worth it
  • Bankia: The Human Values Exchange Market
    The pandemic caused by COVID-19 has created an unprecedented situation. With almost half of humanity confined at home, uncertainty and concern have grown. But at the same time, confinement has brought out the best in us. Gestures like a hug are highly-priced and the value of the small things is constantly increasing. Solidarity, empathy, commitment […]
  • PT: Fresh
    Car owners and drivers are less likely to know the fact that freshness of the gasoline is superior to their car’s engine, in terms of better driving performance and its longer lifespan. This is where PT positioned the brand equity as “PT fresh & new” that resonates with the highest quality and freshness in every […]
  • Burns Support Group: Dukie
    The Burns Support Group helps burn survivors to manage the psychological impact of their injuries. But without the help of professionals, it’s easy for those affected by severe burns to seek advice from the one person they should never listen to.
  • Fine: Waste Can Mask Our Future
    Hundreds of thousands of face masks are disposed of around the world every day, and they don't degrade. If we don’t start to protect our planet today, there will be nothing left to return to. fine_english_kv_hr_01.jpg   fine_english_kv_hr_03.jpg   fine_english_kv_hr_07.jpg  
  • Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism: Dominican Republic Pop Funhouse
    To promote the lesser-known but must-visit destination of puerto Plata for our client the Ministry of Tourism of Dominican Republic, we created a fun and immersive activation that traveled to DR's key markets in the US: Miami, New York, Boston and Chicago. A free, mobile, immersive pop-up social media museum about Puerto Plata (airport code […]
  • GLC Paints: The Story of Colour
    Ramadan arrived this year in unexpected conditions due to COVID-19 and the lockdown all over our beloved Egypt, so that's why GLC Paints took the initiative to send the spiritual and the artistic vibes of the prayers in mosques that we all missed these days through an art collage of the most famous types of […]


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#Pulmis is derived from Latin word “Pulchra Nimis” which means “Fair Deal”

Pulmis Advertising India

Advertisement is not anymore a way to communicate a client about a product, it’s about improving user experience, it’s about creating a community,  it’s about building a brand.

That’s where we feel you will remember our name – Pulmis. Pulmis is a result-oriented marketing agency that strives to give brand-values. 

Our team comprises of young dynamic people with a clear vision of being Transparent, Accountable & Creative in their mind & heart, adding great value to our clients.



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