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  • Coinbase: It's Only the Beginning
    At Coinbase, our mission is to create an open financial system for the world.
  • The Department of Culture for the Municipality of Guayaquil: Unskippable Authors
    Unskippable Authors is a cultural preservation campaign sponsored by the Department of Culture from the Municipality of Guayaquil. Who rescued poems written by Ecuadorian female authors that were forgotten or silenced due to discrimination. Stanzas, rhymes, and verses were restored as audio files that during International Women's Day were strategically released on Spotify by using […]
  • Mirum Pharmaceuticals: The Unbearable Itch
    Poignant and visually arresting, the Teddys depict the unbearable itch and pain that is felt by children with CLD, while still serving as adorable bears that you want to care for. The campaign successfully highlights the ineffectiveness of symptom management and addresses the impact that these treatment failures can have on patients like the Teddys. […]
  • McDonald's: Best served home
    During Finland’s restaurant lockdown McDonald’s wanted to remind people that their favorite meals are still available through Take away, Drive-in and McDelivery. Because home is the safest place to enjoy McDonald’s, Nord DDB Helsinki created a set of ads where mail slots took the shape of your favorite McDonald’s items. Whether or not these mail […]
  • Samsung: Flex Your Way
    Samsung continues to bet big on the future of foldables with a new global campaign, ‘Flex Your Way,’ featuring both the Galaxy Z Fold2 and Galaxy Z Flip 5G. Set to Shirley Ellis’ ‘I See It, I Like It, I Want It,’ the stylish yet playful campaign shows off how Samsung’s two category-defining foldables are […]
  • Protetor Brazinco: Sun Warriors
    In 2020, Protector Brazinco used the concept “Protects the Sun Warriors ”. The series of posters irreverently addresses the concept, lamenting the fact that the ancient Sun Warriors did not have access to the same protection. brazinco_medieval_knight_01.jpg   brazinco_medieval_knight.jpg   brazinco_samurai.jpg  
  • McDonald's: Cucumber Happy Meal, Happy Meal Peanuts
  • Differin: Acne Aftermath
    Differin and creative partner Deutsch New York have good news for pimple poppers everywhere with the launch of the “Acne Aftermath” campaign. The multimedia marketing effort is explosive, featuring individuals on the precipice of popping a pimple intercut with equally charged and intense scenes of an erupting volcano, the detonation of fireworks, or the launch […]
  • Extremadura Tourism: Extremadura, everything you can imagine, where you wouldn’t imagine it
    To promote Extremadura, highlighting the emotional values that connect travelers with the land. It can create a link that goes beyond the trip itself, becoming a unique experience. cartel01.jpg   cartel02.jpg   cartel03.jpg   cartel04.jpg  
  • Connect4Climate: #EarthMode
    The environmental effects of climate change are affecting our planet to the point where Earth is losing its color. Therefore, Connect4Climate introduces #EarthMode, a movement that reflects Earth’s loss of color in our digital world. Influential brands partnered with Connect4Climate will remove the color from their apps' icons and challenge users to return the color […]


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#Pulmis is derived from Latin word “Pulchra Nimis” which means “Fair Deal”

Pulmis Advertising India

Advertisement is not anymore a way to communicate a client about a product, it’s about improving user experience, it’s about creating a community,  it’s about building a brand.

That’s where we feel you will remember our name – Pulmis. Pulmis is a result-oriented marketing agency that strives to give brand-values. 

Our team comprises of young dynamic people with a clear vision of being Transparent, Accountable & Creative in their mind & heart, adding great value to our clients.



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